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Feb. 1st, 2005

01:04 pm - College News

well...UNC was a no-go. quite upsetting, i know, considering that it was my first choice. but i got in to Miami (OH), which is a very good school in itself. so im kinda mad but glad at the same time to know that i'll actually be able to go a quality school this fall. im starting to like Miami more and more as I think about it, so it'll be all good. i'll be fine. it's not the end of the world that i didnt get into UNC. life goes on. i know that i should feel lucky to be able to live and get an education in this great country...yes, its cliche. but i dont care. anyways, im still gonna wait and hear from UVA, Bucknell, and Virginia Tech in April/end of March, so i'm not gonna say that Miami is THE school that i'm going to just yet. UVA would be really nice, but it's gonna be a stretch considering the number of really qualified applicants that they get. ehhhhhh. and i'd have to get a shitload of money to go to Bucknell, because my rents and I seriously do not wanna take out massive loans to pay for a private school education. we'll see. but for now, im quite happy cuz i know that college will be in my future...its a sweet feeling. o yeah, and midterms are over...FINALLY!!! we're second semester seniors! i.e. slacking off and relaxing and just having a good time for the next five months before graduation...hopefully!

Jan. 27th, 2005

08:49 pm - Exams

man, fuck calc. that class has been a breeze the past two months or so, and then today...guzo gives us the midterm - hardest thing i've ever taken in my life, and i'm not exaggerating. every problem was difficult. there were no easy ones. and the fact that it was timed, meaning guzo like flew around every 20 minutes collecting scantrons and different parts of the exam, made it SO incredibly annoying cuz we werent able to go back and check our work/answers. FUCK!!! the only hope is for van riper and guzo to put a massive curve on it. thats right. a MASSIVE curve. then i will be only slightly happy. what would make me even happier is if they completely throw out the exam and give everyone A's...nope, not gonna happen. fucking eh!

Dec. 26th, 2004

10:32 pm - Xmas Presents

def my two fav presents: tickets from em to a stand-up comedy club in the city (tres tres bon!) and...the amazing iPod - this thing is ridiculously cool! a sweet christmas, for sure.

Sep. 28th, 2004

03:08 pm - First few weeks of school

So we've been in school now for about three weeks, and it has been allright. First of all, being a senior feels AMAZING. The power that I hold is utterly great. I have a parking spot, car and the fact that I will be leaving in less than a year for college makes you not really worry about that goddamn childish German assignment which is due the next day. Granted, colleges will be looking at our first-semester grades so I want to do well. But, after midterms are done, I'm home free...hopefully, until I get into the school I want. Goddamn college apps!!!! My last weekend was spent doing those things, and they eat up so much time, I can't tell you how much they ruin your plans to go out, watch tv, or whatever the hell u do in your free time. I advise all who have not started and are planning to wait until the week before they are due to get them done, to get the process moving along. a) You will not feel rushed as the deadline looms closer and b) you'll feel so much better when they are finally sent in and you won't have to worry about them anymore until u get the letters back from the schools where u look for only one word in the actual letter itself: accepted. So yeah thats college BS.

School itself has been fairly decent. I really am enjoying Hon English with Ross because, like Paul mentioned, she has a heart (unlike Glatt) and common sense as well (unlike Porpora) and she isnt really boring either (unlike Anderson). Plus, I don't feel intimidated to speak like I did in Glatt and Anderson's classes, especially Glatt. Goddamn, that ruined my grade, me not participating. O well, life goes on. Also, I like Beowulf, which is a good start. You gotta enjoy the book to enjoy the class, I think. Hopefully we read pretty interesting novels this whole year. AP Calc with Guzo has been ok. He really is a good teacher, he's nice and he doesn't try to intimidate u. I just hope I can get some good grades in his class. Hon Physics with Bandel is ok. I didn't do as well I would have liked on our first test, but too bad. I'll try harder next time. He can be kinda funny sometimes, but I hate how he LOVES doing labs like every goddamn day (i'm exaggerating). And how we have to do Lab Reports, it seems, for every lab that we do. The fact that he doesn't give us any guidelines or instructions on how to do the lab makes it seem like a college course. He just has us collect data in our own notebooks, gives us some questions, and then expects us to type up a lab report. What a pain in the ass. AP German with Zimmerman is, at times, kinda good, but for the most part, is the MOST boring ever. Stein and I just wanna get the hell outta there. Goddamn. I think the fact that I have had the same language teacher for the past four years has caused my interest in the class to diminish a bit. Hopefully, I can get a good grade in that class, cuz for the first time now, German will be weighted as an "Honors Course" since it is AP, meaning higher GPA. good, thats what we need. AP Bio I really like so far. Gironda is a really nice teacher and, despite the loads of busy work which made last week hell, I am very interested in the class and would maybe like to further my studies of Bio as well as Chem in college. I dunno, we'll see. I have like all the time in the world to decide on what to major in. Symp Band blows...literally. A lot of kids are just really really not good at playing an instrument, and thats putting it nicely. I mean I feel bad for them, like hey, maybe I can help them (the trumpets at least), but another part of me is saying fuck this, get me outta here, back into Wind Ensemble where the French horns can actually play notes. Gym/Health is ok, I chill with Jay and Brady and Skyler. Billy McCutcheon just punches Schmidt all period long in the face, and Lattarulo does nothing lol. I love it, I laugh my ass off sometimes. And then they say the stupidest stuff. It's pretty entertaining. So that makes me laugh some more. And I would be in Period 3 Gym with Masella, Kennedy, Cedrone, Alan, McMahon, etc but the motherfuckers in Guidance wont make the switch for my Gym and Study Hall right now. O well, that's life. Allright I'm out, this is super long.

Jun. 17th, 2004

01:40 pm - Random Thoughts

Well I had my Pre-Calc final this morning, and it was so-so. I really hope I get at least a B or higher on it, cuz then my B+ for the year will be secured, and that would be nice. Tomorrow is English, which is gonna be a blower cuz a) the entire exam is three essays, most likely all analyses and b) I am completely incompetant at performing such a task as analyzing a passage. I dunno why I suck so magnificently at English, it just doesn't come naturally to me like Math and Science. I really do enjoy reading, but when it comes to dissecting the text, just forget about it. Anyways, then there's Band and APUSH on Monday followed by German and Chem on Tuesday. The year is almost over, and I gotta keep my nose to the grindstone if I want those good grades. Slacking off will only cause everything I've worked for this year to suffer. Goddamnit. And then there's also guidance bullshit papers that need to be filled out along with arranging for recommendations...don't remind me how much of a bitch junior year is or how much next fall of senior year will be with applications and such...

Jun. 15th, 2004

04:06 pm - Schedules...

First of all, Fauver, you need to get an LJ username ASAP cuz they are quite useful and once you have one you can post stuff in your own journal. Plus, it doesn't take long at all to make one.

Next question goes to Casella...do you have Gym 3rd period and Study 7th or Study 3rd and Gym 7th?

That's all I have for now...Fauver, sir, your second half of the day is gonna blow the entire year unfortunately.

Jun. 13th, 2004

09:07 pm - Tentative 2004-05 schedule

Allright guys here's my tentative schedule for senior year:

1) AP Calc AB
2) Honors Physics
3) Study Hall/Open Campus
4) AP German
5) Symphonic Band
6) Honors English 12
7) P.E./Health
8) AP Biology

Let me know if any of you guys have some of the same classes as me. Casella and Borokhov I already know the classes we have together. Thanks guys

Jun. 8th, 2004

05:00 pm - random thoughts

i'm really getting sick and tired of work. why can't we just watch movies all day and sleep...that would be the absolute greatest. then again, if meissner found out about us doing that, he'd flip a shit. he already is flipping a shit with borokhov pissing the hell out of him about the goddamn schedule for next year. if paul is rejected by meissner when he finally does get to speak to him one of these days, i really hope borokhov takes symphonic band. Now, i know the music will be slightly easier than it will be in Wind Ensemble, but we will have the greatest time...me, paul, kenny, casella, and a bunch of other fageets too whoever they are. it will be good times...and symphonic band is gonna be perhaps better than W.E. i feel bad for fauver and cedrone cuz theyre gonna be by themselves if this all happens.
today, in pre-calc Z told us that Guzo doesnt give a summer assignment...holy shit! that's amazing, i fucking hate summer work with a passion, cuz a) it's worthless...for example, we had to read 4 chapters in Bailey for APUSH last summer and then we come to school in September and for the next FOUR MONTHS we talk about/go over in detail what we read in those 4 chapers with Maguerian....WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!! and then, another example...for Pre-Calc last summer we had to read, hey what do you know, another 4 chapters and then do problems dealing with the material. So we come to school in September and for like a month and a half we discuss those 4 chapters! if you were a kid who didnt do any of that shit over the summer, you couldve easily succeeded still in that class. Z basically taught the material again to us, cuz so many fageets (myself included lol) didnt understand some of it. allright and b) i hate summer work because i'm such a lazy ass and dont do it until the last two weeks of summer usually, at least thats what i did for Pre-Calc last summer...shit. so this summer, i need to get going on things such as Bio perhaps eariler into the summer so i dont waste away my precious last few weeks of summer doing bullshit work. and i'm really not looking forward to having Ross for Hon English next year either...eileen says shes really annoying and stubborn. another shitter.

Jan. 28th, 2004

03:05 pm - Sanple

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